Have you ever walked into someone’s house and felt overwhelmed by clutter, pet smell, dark coloring on walls, and lack luster curb appeal? It's uninviting and hard for one to feel comfortable. First impressions are everything! When selling your home, the goal is to have the buyer walk in and immediately feel invited and comfortable which will attract them to picture themselves in your home.

Whether your home is updated or a little older, I have some tips that will make all the difference in the world with presenting your home so you can get top dollar.



1.) Declutter!

Decluttering is the first and most important step when prepping your home for sale. Its cliche but less really is more and it will really open a space and also allow a potential buyer to envision themselves in your home.

  • Start by clearing knickknacks and packing them away. I would only leave a couple of simple pieces out for staging purposes. The key is when leaving items for staging its important to make sure they aren't personal like family pictures or family air looms. Keeping small plants out or simple pottery is always a nice touch.
  • Bathroom and bedroom spaces should have all items and toiletries neatly tucked away.
  • Any furniture piece that aren't necessary for staging or that are blocking the flow of a room should be packed away. You want to create a feeling of an open space.

Cost: A little over $30 for a bundle of Moving Boxes for packing and organizing.


2.) Clean and fresh aromas

  • I am big into scents and candles so when I walk into a home that smells fresh and clean I feel very welcomed and I want to stay. 
  • Wiping down surfaces and dusting is an important step to not skip. 
  • Air neutralizers are a great way to get rid of odors such as pets smells or smoke.
  • Candles and oil diffusers are a great way to illuminate a welcoming scent through your home that will feel inviting and warm. I like to go for fresh and clean scents like clean linen or warm kitchen scents like cinnamon or vanilla.

Cost: Glade Candle $3 , Lysol Wipes $5, Odor Neutralizer $5


3.) Crisp Neutral Wall Color

I know this tip is a little more time consuming but having walls all the same color and freshly painted will make your home look brand new. Aside from decluttering this step will make the biggest transformation to your home especially for homes that could be older and smaller because it will give it a more open and fresher feel.

  • Recommendations for wall colors are all light neutrals such as gray, taupe, and cream. I suggest staying away from pure white walls because that can look a little too stark. Also, if you have trim, painting the trim white will create a beautiful contrast from the wall color.

Cost: Interior paint around $45/ can 


4.) Lighting

Lighting is another key step in making sure every part of your house is being show cased in the best light!

  • An open house tip would be to turn all lights on.
  • Replacing dead or old bulbs with energy efficient lighting. Make sure to choose a bulb that has bright but warm lighting. Some bulbs have stark cool lighting which can make a room feel cold and sterile.
  • Mass Save has some great deals on energy efficient bulbs

5.) Curb Appeal

I have stated that all these tips are important and that first impressions are everything. Well curb appeal is the first thing buyers will take notice of when they first approach your home. Some have a vision and can see past a messy front yard or uncut grass but as for others.... they might just keep driving. If your house needs a little TLC to your home facade then these tips will help a lot.

·                    Cut grass and cut back untamed shrubs

·                     plant flowers or add flower pots during the spring for a welcoming feel

·                     Clean any outdoor furniture laying round, toys, and extra things that are cluttering your yard or porch.

·                     For the winter add a decorative wreath to your door

Cost: nothing to clean yard space if you do it on your own but if you want to add a wreath and some flowers check out your local nursery or Home Depot. They usually have great deals on plants, flowers and decorative pieces like wreaths.

If you wish to have private consultation with no obligation to get your home ready for sale give me a call!

Catherine Kenny

Real Estate Door