If you’re like me, we make a doctor’s appointment when you’re feeling ill or a health question. You might also visit your family health care provider for an annual check-up. In fact, asking your doctor about anything health-related is a proactive idea.

The same is true when it comes to your realty agent.

Many folks only call their agent when they’re planning on selling their home or buying a new property. While that’s a priority reason to talk with us, it’s not the only reason.

There are many great reasons for you to give us a call at Real Estate Door. 

For example:

- If you have a question about the South Shore real estate market. (This could be totally different from what you hear on the TV or radio programs about the US market.)

- If you want to get an idea of what properties are currently selling for in your neighborhood.

- If you want to have current market value report on your home.

- What about wanting value reports on homes in neighborhoods you’re looking to buy into.

- If you’re in the beginning stages of thinking about moving, but you need advice from us on the right time.

Don’t hesitate to contact with any real estate related question or need some advice about the real estate market. 

Call or Text anytime at 781-499-6634.

Peter Kenney
President, Broker, Realtor