We know about curb appeal...

As you drive up to a home, it's the first impression you get of the property from the curb. And the better the curb appeal, the more you anticipate what the home will look like inside.

What about when you're invited in and we enter the home for the first time... The Entrance Appeal. Think about the impression as a buyer walks into your house for the very first time. How's your entrance appeal?

Most folks that come to your door that you invite in for the first time will hang-in your entrance area as they stand in the foyer for a few moments and look around. What's the view of your home from that perspective? 

Now, if you're getting your home sale ready, it's high priority that you make the entrance of your home as presentable and welcoming as possible.

Of course, it would need to be free of clutter, remember that less is more when selling your home. When prospective buyers enter your home, the last thing we want is folks falling all over your shoes or objects in the way of the room follow.

Remove your old dust, dirty welcome-mat and buy a new one just of the open house event. And tidy up and declutter the rooms that can be viewed from the foyer entrance.

You want that wow factor from the buyers. Then they will be excited to see the rest of your home, rather than just turn around and leave.

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- Peter Kenney, President of Real Estate Door - Serving the South Shore, MA