What do you need in your next home? 

You should take the time to write down your WANTS and NEEDS to help you further define your search. Your NEEDS could be, having to have four bedrooms, to accommodate your family. Your WANTS are part of your wish-list... it would be nice to have a wood-burning fireplace and a finished family room in the lower level.

Of course home features are important. Searching for your next dream home on the South Shore will be more than just features. It's also about the surrounding community. I don't think you'll enjoy your property if you have a long congested commute to and from work ever day... The long-drive will take its toll on you and your family over time.

When searching for a new home, please consider the follow:

  • Your Job -  How far are you from your workplace? Driving or public transportation?
  • Your Children - Are you close to parks and playgrounds? And do you feel it's a safe area?
  • Local Schools - How's the education and sports programs? Would your Children be walking to school or riding a bus?
  • Your Neighbors - How does the community feel to you? Are folks friendly and social?
  • Amenities/Shopping - How far is the food markets and the pharmacy?
  • Activities - Is the workout gym, golf course and movie cinema close to home?

Our REALTOR® team can help you with all of these questions. Connect with us today.

 - Peter Kenney, President of Real Estate Door - Serving the South Shore, MA