Spring is finally here! We have warmer longer days ahead and a little more motivation than we had in the colder darker Winter months. From this new burst of motivation, I usually start with switching out my Winter clothes for my Spring clothes. As I start sorting through my room and my closet I start noticing things I haven’t used in a while or maybe things I never plan on wearing. During this process I sort threw all the things I don’t wish to keep anymore in three different piles:

1.      Donation

2.      Consignment

3.      Trash

I always find that I maximize my Spring-cleaning experience by doing this because it gives an opportunity to donate gently used items to places like Savers, Good Will, and Big Brother Big Sister. Also, if I have items that are of value I can choose to sell them and make some extra money. Some of the ways I look to sell my clothes are through local consignment shops, Posh Mark App, or Facebook Marketplace.

In the end I have a decluttered space, Seasonal clothes organized, extra money in my pocket and good feeling that I was able to donate Items to someone else who could actually use them. All reasons to be motivated for Spring cleaning!


Written By:

Catherine Kenney

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