I know being a first time home buyer may seem intimidating and stressful but you don't have to be alone in the process. Attending a first time home buyers seminar will give you direction and a jump start to buying your first home. 


There are several programs for first time home buyer seminars and they are usually held at local banks. Certified first time home buyer seminars are the way to go and they are as low as $25 per single person or couple. They check your credit to make sure you are in good financial standing as well as assisting in a plan that will get you on track to be financially ready to buy a home. This program will approve you for a FHA (first time buyers) loan if you are financially qualified. Through the seminar a licensed Realtor will go through the process of buying your first home and provide you with pamphlets and offer time for any questions you may have. This way you will know what to expect through the home buying process and you can feel confident about your financial position going into your home search.


This particular program I am referring to is run locally at South Shore Savings Bank by Loan Officer Vincent Tirabassi.

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By: Catherine Kenney

Certified Realtor

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