There’s a current market price and then there’s your opinion of value.

Your home is filled with personal family memories of birthdays, special holidays and special moments… Your home becomes priceless, just like that credit card commercial.

Fair Market Value on the South ShoreBut if we are talking about fair market value, the amount a prospective buyer is willing to purchase your home for, now things get a little less nostalgic and more clinical. “Fair market value,” is determined by the current conditions of the South Shore real estate market. This is the reality and our sentimental value unfortunately, has no influence on this subject.

Your home value will be based mostly on comparable properties in this south shore community with recently solds. We now can determine the asking price, in order to expedite an offer and optimize your return with few days on market.

You should always check up on your property value, whether you plan to sell or just what to know how your investment’s are doing. Because it is an investment, most likely one of the biggest investments we have in our portfolio.

Knowledge is everything. Be prepared. We never know what the future brings us, with our careers or unexpected family needs. It’s important to know how much your home is valued in this market.

We came can help you with real estate values. Connect with us now.

- Peter Kenney, President of Real Estate Door - Serving the South Shore, MA